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Karin Ireland
Author & Workshop Leader

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I’m excited that now Ireland Communications focuses on the two things I love most – writing and teaching – in the two areas I love most: the secrets of living with peace and success instead of struggle, Life Changing Personal Empowerment Workshops, and the secrets of business writing and of making presentations at work easily and effectively, Highly Effective Communication Training.

Imagine, if you were skilled in these two areas how much more successful, how much happier and less stressed you’d be. I know, because I’ve lived both the before and after versions.

I struggled for most of my life trying to please other people so I’d be happy. Of course, that didn’t work because people wanted me to do what they wanted me to do so they’d be happy. I wished I had one set of guidelines that would help me know when to push and when to relax, when to speak up and when to be quiet, when to accommodate and when to stand firm.

Finally, during a couple of very dark times in my life, I discovered how to change my thinking and the stories I tell, how to change the behavior habits I slip into from ones that keep me stuck with what I don’t want, to thinking, stories, and behavior habits that move me easily to what I do want. Now, I use what I learned to make the right decisions easily and consistently. My book about my discoveries will be published soon, and I post excerpts from it here and on my blog, TheBestLifeGuidebook.

I struggled in college English because I didn’t understand how to focus or shape what I wrote; I didn’t understand the rules of punctuation and grammar.

When I got a job as a corporate writer, I taught myself. Now I show others the simplest versions of everything they need to know to communicate (in writing or making presentations) correctly, easily and effectively.

All of my workshops are packed with helpful information, and they’re fun. I’d love to share the secrets I’ve learned with you.

Life Changing Personal Empowerment Workshops
Highly Effective Communication Training

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